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Art for the Home

Buggy Whip Studio
Whimsical contemporary art in vivid colors with lots of glitz and glow. Sealed with a durable high gloss finish that makes our products suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, bars and beyond.
Tra Art Studio
Tracy Pesche's latest body of work includes handcrafted sculptures perfect for hanging on your wall or standing on a shelf. Each piece is hand cut from wood, hand painted and embellished with a variety of adornments including wire, metal and clay. Upon a closer look, you will see that each has layer upon layer of paint, adding great dimension.
Photo  Frames
Diane Markin Hand Crafted Hand Painted Photo Frames

Creatures of Delight
CoD Studio is a multi-dimensional studio specializing in cartoony sculpture of all shapes and sizes. Over the years, they've had fun creating for museums, corporations, entertainment and individuals. Creatures of Delight are the unique handmade cast of characters designed by artist T. Oliver Kopian and made at the CoD Studio. Creatures of Delight is an ever expanding collection of sculpture, toys, backpacks and more. They are signed and dated--some are even numbered and certified!
Charles Fazzino
All of the individual pieces that make up the 3D layers of artwork are cut out by hand using an exacto knife. All of the details are cut out of the top-layer cutout sheets and are matched up with the accompanying imagery on the bottom-layer boards that are signed and numbered. The pieces are also glued slightly off-center to emphasize the 3D effect. Once glued, each piece of artwork takes twenty-four hours to cure completely. After the artwork is made 3D, it is hand-embellished using acrylic paint glitter and Swarovski crystals. According to Charles Fazzino, “the use of the glitter came about because I needed something to cover up my cutting mistakes. I started using it and it added some glitz to the work, so i kept using it and now it’s a staple.” Each Swarovski Crystal is applied by hand.
Artistic Alchemy Wall Art
Artistic Alchemy's studio workshop creates one of a kind artwork from cold rolled flat bar steel; they use no jigs or molds. Each piece is individually hand forged to achieve the desired shape and design. Shown: Palm Tree w/Sunset w/colors.
Rockledge Design Studios
Rockledge Design Studios designs and produces contemporary art furniture, sculpture, accessories and architectural elements.
Pena Family Designs
Juana Pena has been making art all her life, she began by painting, making sculptures for the local church. After a few years in Mexico, destiny brought her to the United States where she fell in love with metal 30 years ago. She has her work shop in the Bay Area California, where her daughter, sisters, and nephew work with her to create everything.
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