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Yardbirds Clocks
Yardbirds are made from recycled materials, so that each piece is slightly imperfect. Shown Yardbirds Sleepy Cat Clock.
Allen Designs Clocks
Allen Designs Clocks. Beacon. Click on image for larger view.
David Scherer Studio
David Scherer is an American Artist who works in a variety of mediums, bringing an intriguing, distinctive style and vibrancy, to all of his three dimensional works of art. Well known for his 3-D paintings, Scherer's pioneering focus and innovative techniques, fuse the explosion of textures and colors to ignite energy evident in every creation. Scherer attributes his unique direction to the expansion of his cumulative experience of more than 30 years as an artist.
Kronos Works Clocks
Robert and Jacqueline Rickard have been producing contemporary wall art and clocks for over a decade. Most of their work is made from aluminum, with designs cut into the metal and portions of the surface brushed and textured so that the bright metal contrasts with the patinas and dyes which provide color. Rickards' is a scientific approach, using a hand-held plasma cutter to carve their designs into the base metal, each sculpture is then coated with other metals; typically copper, bronze, and iron. Shown is Kronos Works Dao.
Diane Markin Clocks
Diane Markin Clocks. Made from recycled ceramic bits, painted glass, glass jewels, natural sea glass, silverplate, wire. Click on image for larger view.
Buggy Whip Studio Clocks
Buggy Whip Studio. Each clock is decorated with glitter, glow-in-the-dark accents and sealed with a glass-like resin. Clocks come complete with hour, minute and second hand. Requires 1 AA battery to operate.
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